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'Best Karate Kumite 2. + JKA Training films.

This is the 'film' from which the photo's (stills) in the book were taken. Featuring ENOEDA, YAHARA, TANAKA, SHOJI, YAMAGUCHI, KAWASOE, OSAKA, etc.Also on this Video - rare JKA films from 1961-62. NAKAYAMA demonstrates strikes and kicks, MIKAMI punching techniques - use of the hips, UEKI kicking techniques, ENOEDA makiwara and training exercises. Plus kata, Nakayama-Unsu, Shirai-Sochin, Mikami-Kanku Sho, Asai-Nijushiho. Black/White (no sound) approx. running time 1hour.

Shotokan Documentary....

The first documentary on Shotokan Karate from 1956-57. This Black & White film is narrated in English and accompanied by Japanese music. Featuring Sensei's NAKAYAMA, NISHIYAMA, OKAZAKI, KASE, etc. GICHIN FUNAKOSHI also appears on this historic film. (running time approx. 30mins).

J.K.A. Kata Films 1960-62...

(Black/white - no sound) . K.Enoeda - Bassai Dai + applications, H.Kanazawa - Empi, H.Shirai - Tekki Nidan, M.Nakayama - Tekki Sandan, T.Kase - Jion, + applications, T.Asai - Heian Nidan, H.Shoji - Heian Yondan, T.Mikami - Hangetsu, M.Ueki - Gankaku + applications, K.Enoeda - Jitte. Other kata include Bassai Sho,Tekki Shodan, Chinte, Heian Shodan,Sandan, Godan. Plus blocking techniques demonstrated by Sensei Ito. See how the kata of SHOTOKAN were performed over forty years ago by the Masters from the JKA when they were young men in their prime.

Standard Kata 1985 Vol.1

The first of three volumes featuring the 26 Kata of the Shotokan style. Heian Shodan - T.Oishi, Heian Nidan - T.Imura, Heian Sandan - M.Yahara, Heian Yondan - M.Tanaka, Heian Godan - K.Abe, Nijushiho - T.Asai, Gojushiho-dai - Y. Ogura, Gojushiho-sho - M.Ueki and Sochin - M.Kawawada. Running time 45mins. Colour, English version.

Standard Kata Vol. 2

Tekki Shodan - M.Kawawada, Tekki Nidan - T.Asai, Tekki Sandan - M.Ueki, Bassai Sho - M.Kagawa, Unsu - M.Yahara, Chinte - K.Abe, Meikyo - T.Imura, Wankan - M.Tanaka and Jiin - Y. Ogura. Running time 45mins. Colour. English version.

Standard Kata Vol. 3

Bassai Dai - M.Kagawa, Kanku Dai - M.Ueki, Empi - T.Asai, Jion - Y. Ogura, Jitte - T.Imura, Gankaku - M.Tanaka,Kanku Sho - M.Yahara and Hangetsu - K.Abe. Running time 45mins. Colour. English version.

JKA Standard Kata 1 : Sochin Sensei M. Kawawada (First)

JKA Standard Kata 2 : Bassai Sho Sensei Masao Kagawa (above or second)

JKA Standard Kata 3 : Kanku-sho Sensei Mikio Yahara (left or third)

The 1987 J.K.A (Japan Karate Association) ALL JAPAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 30th Anniversary Tournament

Highlights from both the eliminations and the finals of this most prestigious event held in Tokyo, Japan feature dynamic Kumite and Kata action at it's very best from the top instructors and students of the Japan Karate Association. This year marked the 30th anniversary of this event. This was the same year that Master NAKAYAMA passed away and the J.K.A. was still 'one' group at this time. Top instructors and competitors like Sensei's - KAGAWA - IMURA - KAWAWADA - OMURA etc. etc. are featured on this (now most historic) tape, performing both Kata and kumite under the pressures of competition which makes for exciting and compelling viewing. There are also 'two' brilliant Demonstrations from the Championships by the legendary J.K.A. instructors, Sensei Tetsuhiko ASAI and Masataka TANAKA. A true 'Collectors Item' not to be missed by Shotokan karateka who all have ties with, and can trace their roots back to the J.K.A.(Japan Karate Association).

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