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SKM Information

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Shotokan Karate Magazine has been online for many years now and has gone through various incarnations. As we have all the version of the site we thought you may find it interesting to view them as the appeared.

August 1998 - August 2000 (splash screen)
August 2000- August 2001 (splash screen)
August 2001- November 2002 (splash screen)
November 2002 - January 2006

Please note the sites are snapshots of the time they were published. All locations, addressed, email addressees, date and products are very likely to out of date, incorrect or not available.

The information in these sites will not be updated, We cannot honor any request for the updating of incorrect details. The sites are meant as an historical amusement a trip down memory lane.

Any links added to the sites will not be approved and only purchases from the current shop will be processed.


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The magazine has been published since November 1984. Because it is a very specialised and Traditional magazine we only publish each quarter (March - June - September - December) . We do pride ourselves on featuring the most senior and famous Shotokan Senseis in the world in the magazine and it is totally non-political, we feature everyone from all the various organisations.