The Legend of Taiji Kase

Written by Super User
Created: Monday, 18 January 2016 23:31

We have just received the new Book, ‘THE LEGEND OF TAIJI KASE’ from Sachiko Kase, daughter of the late legendary Taiji Kase.

This book written by his other daughter Yumiko Kase is nothing less than STUNNINGLY GOOD! The presentation and production is of the highest quality, with dozens of rare photo’s of Master Kase together with his whole life history.

Also there are two DVD’s detailing Kase sensei’s remarkable life and contains rare footage of his demonstrations and teaching seminars in various countries. Plus at the end of DVD 2 there is and interview where Kase sensei gives a deep explanation of his philosophy of karate-do. All in all a remarkable piece of work.

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