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The Shôtôkan Karate Dictionary vol. 4

The Shôtôkan Karate Dictionary vol. 4


Paperback | Format: 180 mm x 257 mm | 296 pages | over 296 photographs

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Completely revised and extended now being published in colour. A complete compendium of essential terms for the practice of karate-dô, with special focus on the Shôtôkan style. Japanese characters (kanji), in exquisitely rendered calligraphy, uniquely compliment the terminology used throughout this book. A pronunciation guide for the Japanese terms is also included, as well as the English translation for each term.

This comprehensive reference book covers the numerical system, different target levels and directions of movement, the basic elements of karate training, basic and advanced katas, as well as the Japanese terms for typical instructions and commands you will hear throughout your karate training. Many photographs are included to further illustrate karate stances, postures, and techniques.

Finally, no reference book would be complete without exploring the philosophical background of karate through an explanation of selected terms, the origin of the name karate-dô, and listing the Twenty Precepts of Funakoshi and the rules that govern the dôjô. Final chapters touch on karate philosophies and include some annotations of famous Zen masters.

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