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Shôtôkan-Kata no Curriculum

Shôtôkan-Kata no Curriculum

Training-System Shôtôkan-Kata no Curriculum

How can I ensure in daily, weekly, or monthly training that all the necessary Katas are covered, not just those that the student likes the most?

That‘s why I designed the Shôtôkan-Training- System „Shôtôkan-Kata no Curriculum“!!!

The Shôtôkan-Kata no Curriculum‘s makes it easy to organise and practice all of the required Katas which are relevant to a students level and experience. With the simple „index card system“ we used to learn vocabulary in school, it is now possible to train all Katas corresponding to your level on a regular basis.

The Shôtôkan training system can be fixed to the wall. It is suitable as a common training planner in Dôjô, but also individually at home to organize your own training routine.

In two versions each 24,90€

Written in 4 languages:

Japanese, German, English & French

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