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Kamikaze Karate Gi

Kamikaze Karate Gi

First Class Karate Equipment we ship worldwide

Karate Protectors WKF Approved

Karate Gi Custom Made

Embroidered belts

Tatamis and accessories

Books and DVD's

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Kamikaze Karate Gi

Phone: +34 962740663

Skype: (Monday-Friday 8-15h)

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I think the Kamikaze company is so successful because the founder and owner Sensei Frank Schubert is a very experienced Karateka. He understands exactly what we need in terms of high quality equipment, whether that is a karate Gi, a training CD, M.A. Books, or general Martial Arts merchandise. Kamikaze sell their superb goods all over the world and I recommend them wholeheartedly. Editor SKM.

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