What is a Passkey

Just as Karate ka have their special moves, we all have passwords to access our devices and online spaces. These passwords are like old companions in our daily battles, but they're not without their weaknesses.

For martial artists not using a password manager, crafting and remembering strong passwords can be as tricky as mastering a new technique. Forgetting passwords becomes a regular opponent, leading to wasted time resetting them. Some even resort to using the same moves, uh, passwords, or easily predictable patterns, making it simpler for online adversaries to take control of their accounts and snatch confidential data.

Now enters the passkey, a brand-new way to enter the dojo without the old password.

Passkeys are like secret fighting techniques—no need to memorize or note down. They're stored securely on your trusted devices, like your smartphone, guarded by your unique touch or a device code. Unlike passwords, there's no concept of a "weak" passkey, and you can't repeat them, guaranteeing top-notch protection for each of your battles.

WebAuthn authentication registration process

Before you can use WebAuthn to login to our website instead of using a password, first you need to register an authenticator. Below are the steps you can follow to register:

Step 1

Go to our website and log in. If you have logged in via the website you will land at your Web Profile, If you have come via the shop registration navigate to your Web Profile. and edit it.

At the top of this page, there is a link to edit Profile which leads to a page called edit your Profile, at the base of this page is a section called "W3C Web Authentication (WebAuthn) Login".

Step 2

Click on Add New Authenticator button, select whichever option that suits your needs and follow the instructions displayed to activate the authenticator for your account.

On your mobile devices, the system might ask for further information if you want to use integrated fingerprint / TouchID / FaceID or a security key.

Step 3

After finishing adding a new authentication, you can choose to edit the name (not necessary) click the Edit Name button to rename it and click on Save. Then save your Web Profile page.

And that’s it to register for a WebAuthn Authenticator.

After completing the above action, the system will ask you to select and activate your authenticator to login. Note: you only need to enter your username, not your password and press the black WebAuthn authentication button to log in.

Browsers and Platforms that support WebAuthn

Currently, WebAuthn is supported in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari web browsers, as well as all Apples OS's, Window 10 and Android platforms.

Sharing Login information

One slight downside of this security feature of the SKM website is that you cannot share your login information to a third party, access is specific to your browsers or devices.

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