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SKM Movie 3

J.K.A. Kata Films 1960-62...

(Black/white - no sound) . K.Enoeda - Bassai Dai + applications, H.Kanazawa - Empi, H.Shirai - Tekki Nidan, M.Nakayama - Tekki Sandan, T.Kase - Jion, + applications, T.Asai - Heian Nidan, H.Shoji - Heian Yondan, T.Mikami - Hangetsu, M.Ueki - Gankaku + applications, K.Enoeda - Jitte. Other kata include Bassai Sho,Tekki Shodan, Chinte, Heian Shodan,Sandan, Godan. Plus blocking techniques demonstrated by Sensei Ito. See how the kata of SHOTOKAN were performed over forty years ago by the Masters from the JKA when they were young men in their prime.

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